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Supply companies 


  • Panels Floor Fortemix

    Panele podłogowePVC flooring panels are formed by a system of plates industrial PVC with a lock and arrangement which can be laid as a mature and new concrete sleepers. PVC tiles are perfect for wherever required speed and simple application can be disassembled or extreme resistance to abrasion and impact.

    The PVC tiles is based on products that arise in the process of injection (using modern, energy-efficient injection press) high-quality materials, ensuring excellent resistance to mechanical damage.

    Panele podłogowe Panele podłogowe Panele podłogowe Panele podłogowe Panele podłogowe Panele podłogowe Panele podłogowe Panele podłogowe

  • Spare parts, Maintenance

    Bearings, belts, seals technical, parts for machine tools, pastes, adhesives, lubricants, conveyor belts, chains, abrasives, flexible switching components, clutches are elements that we can offer in addition to our customers. Expanding its product range, we hope that our customers "buy everything" in one place and save time.

    We offer also grinding and welding materials. Discs of different sizes for different materials meet the needs of every garage, and more. Sandpaper standard for use "in house" or special paper for aluminum fill range of products. Polishing pads of different shapes and hardness need to protect the renovation and tin, and more.

  • Electric Motors

    As part of a long-term cooperation with Celma-Indukta Bielsko-Biala introduced to sell electric motors for different purposes and design (with brake, ring, crane, explosion, flanged, flangeless etc.)

    Available in the shop are standard versions of general purpose engines of different sizes and capacities. On request motors are ordered to use special.

  • Means of corrosion

    Anti-corrosion agents are widely used in the industrial sector. We offer corrosion protection for transport and long-term storage and conservation measures necessary at various stages of the production process. We offer the following measures:

    VCI (paper, bags, foils, shrink)

    Anti-corrosion products from the line Tectyl is an excellent solution designed for short and long-term protection of metals both outside and inside which the buildings. Tectyl is a wide range of products for maintenance metals. The products are anti-corrosion coating, which protects metal surfaces against the damaging effects of moisture, chloride or other factors that create corrosion.

    Removal of corrosion
    Means for removing corrosion E25 is a proven means for removing rust. E25 operates by immersion and is completely safe for copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, rubber, wood, vinyl coating and any surface is not covered with rust. The use of an agent for the elimination of corrosion does not require unfolding of the need to clean the components. The formulation E25 is present in liquid form and contains the unique selectively acting chelates, for removing rust. The product is completely safe for the environment. It has a neutral pH, making it safe for human health.

  • Protection of worker

    Worker protection at the workplace is an important aspect observed by employers and recruits. To meet the needs of the market introduced a health and safety protection: protective gloves (for normal use by oil-resistant, insulated or welding).

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